Sunday, June 25, 2017


Wow, it's been so long since I posted here! Let me tell you, I've been busy. Completing more of those unfinished pieces, mostly bracelets. As soon as I have time to take photos and get a few into my Etsy shop, I'll show you what I've made. I'm trying to build up my inventory and hopefully do well during the upcoming holiday sales.

Right now I'm participating in a Mirrix Loom weave-along to make a tapestry bracelet. I've done a few on my loom in the past with seed beads, but this one teaches you several new techniques: Slit Tapestry where you weave two different color threads in opposite directions creating a straight line where they meet; Pick and Pick creating stripes with two different color threads. The concept is easy, but it's so tricky to do correctly! Wavy Lines weaving one thread color back and forth once, then repeating with a second color.

Here's what I've done so far. This is about 2-1/2 inches, and I need to weave 7 inches. Then we have to stitch a piece of ultra-suede to the back, which covers all the ends sticking out, sew 16/0 (Yikes!) seed beads along all edges, and add a loop and button for the closure. Who knew weaving could be so much fun. My next project will be making coasters out of strips of material. There was a Mirrix Loom weave-long a while ago that has my perfect project .... can't wait to try it.


  1. Lovely - I own a mirrix loom but never used (must be 15 years old) wonder if I have all the parts and I have one of those old indian bead looms - love your patterns and looks like fun - you could also use those leather bracelet metal crimp ends that have the lop and clasp as well for finishing ? love to see it when done

  2. Why don't you look at the looms on the website and compare yours. I love weaving on it, as you can get the tension REALLY tight, where you cannot on all the other looms. This bracelet will have a loop and button as the closure. I just took it off the loom and have to add ultra-suede to the back next. I've been following your posts ... you are a very busy girl! Just like me!!!!!