Monday, June 13, 2016


I DID IT! This is the cuff I started in December and yesterday finished!! It's beautiful. I had come home from OSH on New Year's Day after buying a trailer ball hitch to form the cuff ... opened the gate, out charged the dogs, and that's when I tripped over dear Charlie. But all is well ... physical therapy is twice a week, and there is continuous improvement. I have a second cuff to work on, plus a couple of pendants. And just signed up for the new RINGS BOHEME class with Leslie Kail Villarreal.


  1. Congrats, Rose Mary!! You did it! I'm sorry you had such a huge, painful setback along the way - but now it's finally finished, and it's beautiful. You give me encouragement that I may actually finish mine one day. I'm working on it slowly but surely, learning a LOT along the way! ;-)

  2. Of course you will finish yours ... How much more needs to be done? Thanks for your comment!