Wednesday, September 2, 2015


My first experiments using clear powder on iridescent glass were so successful, I cut more glass to make three more pieces. The collection of dried leaves I have is so fragile, I decided to trace and cut a few using card stock. Why not, right?

I sifted on the powder and carefully removed the cutouts. The powder looks kind of thick in places, but since I managed to remove the cutouts without spilling, I decided this one was a keeper. It measures 4" x 13".

In one of the tutorials I have using powder, the person recommended using a WaxVac, a device you would buy for your ears. I found one at the local Walgreen's. I put it together with the two AA batteries it needed, and it worked great for vacuuming up excess powder around the edges or in wider spaces. A suggestion made in the tutorial was to insert a mini straw into the device for the small spaces. Unfortunately, I had finished the three pieces before I read this, so... next time.
I used a stencil I had cut with my Cameo Silhouette for one of the pieces. A floral design in a circle. This piece is a 6" square.
Then a stencil I had with trees. This is also 6" square.
Here are the three pieces in the kiln. Keeping my fingers crossed!
When you fire in the evening, the pieces are still around 150 degrees when you get up in the morning. So you wait and wait. And you always feel like that little child on Christmas morning! The piece with the floral design turned out great.
The piece with the trees is a little too dark, and it had "wrinkles" in the corners. It's still ok ... but it gets added to my collection.
I really liked the piece with the cut out leaves. They don't look as delicate as real leaves, but passable.


  1. Lovely Lovely Lovely - I do hate the wait - I try to time it so by morning its done but it always does not work that way - I never thought I could feel the same way - that anticipation you felt as a child - as an adult till I started doing glass - it is christmas morning when you rush to the kiln to see what you made - I love these sifted on glass projects your working - that ear suction thing - been trying to remember where I saw them since I got that tutorial on cats - I know its a walmart just cant rmember which one I was in that had them - we have so many on my way home ....

  2. Awesome! I have that same tree stencil. I'm going to have to give this technique a try soon....if I can stop working on the wall long enough to cut glass.