Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Screen Printing A Christmas Present!

I purchased the Cameo Silhouette years ago and it continues to amaze me. It can cut the most intricate patterns ... think of a doily with all the little cutouts. Yes, it can do that. I'm not really interested in cutting doilies, but have made some fused glass plates in the past year with feather designs that were screen printed.

My daughter and son-in-law have a wonderful dog, Conan. He's a Rottweiler who weighs over 150 lbs. Can you imagine how big he is? I have a great photo of him and my daughter Kirsten (below) and wanted to screen print some coaster for them as a Christmas present.

I started this process yesterday morning by downloading the photo of Conan into the Cameo Silhouette. Here is a screen print of the photo.

It's a confusing process, but I have to remove all the black from the stencil. Having the screen print really helps. The next step is to cut the stencil on the vinyl and weed out all the parts. What?!!

In the next photo I have placed the weeded stencil on the screen.

Here I have used painter's tape around the stencil to protect the rest of the frame.

Underneath the frame, I have attached a sheet of paper on which I will print the first image. I'll then cover it with a piece of plastic wrap and it will help me in the placement of my glass pieces for screen printing Conan's images.

Here's the messy process of mixing the enamel.

Here I've added the enamel to the screen. (Actually, between you and me, I made a mistake. I have to move the enamel mixture to the longer side of the screen since my squeegee is too wide!) Hopefully I'll remember that next time.

Here's the first print on the paper I attached below. It really looks good. IT'S CONAN!!

I printed four on a nice blue glass and two on white. What happens next is that I will fire these so that the enamel sets on the glass. Then I add a layer of clear glass on top and fuse them together in the second firing. The four on the blue glass will be coasters. The white ones will go into a third firing and will be slumped into curved dishes.

Here's one of the white ones. I think Kirsten and Tim will love Conan's presents. DON'T TELL THEM ... THESE ARE A SURPRISE!


  1. Beautiful job - I was looking at the silhouette a while back (I have a cricut exp 2 - which is limited ) and even got to try the new brother scan and cut at the craft festival in November - which is looking even more interesting - now that I've seen your cut out - I may have just decided on my Christmas present to myself - as much as I'll create screens using the photo emulsions and sheets - because of mess I tend not to do as many screens - but was going to work on the cricut but I like to do my own stuff and the cricut I have is limited - that silhouette is pretty spiff too. - I should invite you to Canada - as evidently our studios are pretty much set up to do the same work

  2. forgot to ask - did you use the reusche trace black and the water base thompson screening medium ?

  3. Hi Deborah! Hope you are feeling well again. My pieces are curing in the kiln now. I'm pleased at how great they turned out. Tomorrow I'll add the top clear glass and fuse. I use the high temp black enamel HF-119 from Fusion Headquarters. The mixing medium is A14 medium from Kaiser Glass Designs. I have lots of colors from them too that I haven't tried yet. I'm sure what you have will work. There are so many Silhouette videos on YouTube. Check them out and see what the machine can do. You can also cut stencils by hand. I have some wonderful stencils from Martha Stewart I'm anxious to try. Keep in touch and let me know what you are doing!

  4. The A14 is the Thompson water base medium (they use the A14 as their number) I'll have to try the HF-119 and find out what that is as I always use the reusche trace black - DE-401 - Fusion is a great place to get things
    I typically dont cap with glass - I like seeing the image without the cap of clear - and used the fusion Fuse Master Super Spray which you use a brush or airbrush onto the piece - goes all white you fire and it gives a a thin clear coat 9or glaze) to protect your decal or your paint - its also to help prevent detrification (something I never get )

  5. Ok I have a big box of fusemaster enamels just sitting - I pulled them out at end of the season with intent of making testers but never got that far - this is going to get me working on some things - Just decided on the Brother CutNScan and going to pick up on the weekend - maybe I can fill the 20 or so silk screens with things with projects - thanks for the inspiration

  6. So glad to inspire you!! I love the Fuse Master Super Spray. And have used it for years. It's especially nice on Tanya's cut Picasso pieces. Adds so much depth. My friend does night lights, so I'll pass your suggestion on about spraying, not capping. It would make them much lighter. Looking forward to seeing your blog and your CutNScan post! Hope it works well.

  7. Deborah, a question about using the Super Spray on enamels. Do you cure the enamel first in the kiln, then spray and refire? Or do you wait for the enamel to dry, spray, then fire. What temp do you fire? The spray bottle suggests 1360 deg.F.

  8. Because the spray is a lower fire than slumping I would do it last - in most cases I did flat glass but thinking that your going to slump - do that first and the basically fire polish the spray -- I used a brush - shake it good each time and then apply - I call it a floating application as I load the brush and float the liquid over the glass - trying to be even - I was also thinking make up some brown enamle and just use a brush to edge the areas that have brown in them on the face and still leave some clear - does not have to be a solid brown but a gradient - from clear to a solid brown at the edges - this project of yours really has me thinking - Ineed togo home and make some for my daughter - hey just got a new bull dog ....

  9. The bull dog screen prints would be sooo cute! Makes me smile just thinking about it... I like your brown enamel suggestion. I'll finish these as planned and will experiment later. Too much to do. Have a great holiday, Deborah!