Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cut Bottle Tops -- It Worked!

A couple days ago I showed you the cut bottle tops I was going to fuse for jewelry pendants. I'm happy to say it worked! And, unbelievably, today I had an email from -- a blog I just subscribed to. If you look at the website, there is an article describing exactly how it's done -- "Fused Bottle Glass Donuts and Rings"! So there you go ....

Here's the photo of my six pieces. I can't wait to wire wrap them!


  1. those are so great - you did a 100% reuse of a wine bottle (other than for a cheese tray) Love it ! I will have to try - I thnk I have that mold - now I just have to find wine bottles

  2. If you look at the website post, you don't need the mold. I used green Pelligrino bottles and blue beer bottles.

  3. Thank you for the site - yes I saw their samples in the kiln without the mold
    Hmmm dont drink wine, dont drink beer - get my bottled water in plastic - I've struck out - going to ask the in town bar if they will give me some bottles just so I can play - love your blog

  4. I love your blog more .. Thanks for inspiring me. Years ago we made homemade wine from the fruit we grew, and a local fancy restaurant gave us lots of wine bottles!