Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Latest Etching ... Continued

I've had time to shape my bracelet cuffs and apply patina to two of them (brought the hammers and bracelet mandrel to the living room couch so I could watch a movie while I worked). I used "Ranger Patina For All Metals" by Vintaj, applied with a Q-Tip, and then lightly sanded the high parts using those sanding blocks you get from beauty supply shops. The cuff on the left has Jade patina, the right one has Verdigris.

Then I lightly sprayed a couple coats of satin "Clear Guard" Protective Lacquer by Sculpt Nouveau. I think they look pretty nice. I really like the Verdigris. And I love the edge I put around each piece with my Staedtler pen ... it really finishes it.

Here are three more bracelet cuffs ready to be finished. I love liver of sulfur too, so I'm torn between the finishing choices. But more later ....


  1. Love the cuffs! As much as I love Liver of Sulfur too, I really like the vintaj patinas!

    1. Thank you! I looked at your's beautiful.

  2. Love Love Love them - great work - yes its so hard to decide
    color or liver of sulpher or even just seal
    so many colors to choose from out there
    and I do like that border you put on