Monday, July 22, 2013


If it's not one thing .... it's another. Two weeks ago I called my air conditioning service company to come out and do an inspection so I would be prepared for the long hot summer, which is already here. I was told my freon was a little low and needed to be topped off. OH. OH. I knew there was a problem, because freon does not "get low", it leaks. But things seemed to be ok until this past Wednesday afternoon. I had no cool air. Not a hint of cool air. Someone came out the following morning. Great service, by the way. I had options in trying to find and fix the leak, but this unit was many, many, many years old, so I decided to buy a new AC/heating unit. I was told it would take a few days to get, then maybe another week to schedule installation. What choice was there. I could withstand the 84 degree house temperature in the later part of the day and night, couldn't I.

Would you believe the unit was delivered that same afternoon and was running the end of the next day? True. I could hardly believe it myself. There's still inspections and a filtering system to be added, but that needs metal fabrication and should be completed this week.

In the meantime, I received an order through for five stained glass boxes. These were bridesmaid gifts .... no hurry as the wedding was months away. I wanted them out of the way and completed them during this AC breakdown and sent a photo saying I was ready to post them. The bride-to-be said she absolutely loved them, but could she have one more? Did you hear me scream that day? I appreciate orders, but the timing was not great. I finished the sixth box over the weekend and today packed the pieces so I could calculate the postage. And just finished listing the boxes in my shop. Hopefully I'm finished and will be taking a trip to the post office in a day or so. Here is a photo of the pieces:

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