Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stained Glass Photo Pendants

I'm finally getting back to feeling normal after months of illness and finally surgery. And today is the first day of cooler weather in Southern California .... it's 81 degrees at noon, instead of 91 or 101. Yeah!! A little humid however, something we are not used to. I pulled out a few dried up tomato plants yesterday and planted a few new ones. Hopefully we can get another crop of tomatoes before the cooler weather.

Someone placed a large order a week ago from RoseMarysGlassArt, purchasing 12 items. All of the stained glass photo pendant necklaces, all of the necklaces with glass beads fired on brass keys and other items. It really awakened my creative juices! Got me out into the hot garage to cut glass for photo pendants ... to start with.

Here are the two I just finished and posted on Etsy today:

Also a couple weeks ago I was asked to do a commission for a business in Detroit using cancelled stamps they would provide for stained glass pendants. Here's a photo of one I sent for approval. Not a great photo, but I wanted to remember how it looked. A great possibility for future projects! I've seen enclosed lace and dried flowers. Special postage stamps would be great ... I'll look at stamps when I mail my next package.

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